Christmas Minis and Fall…Fall…Fall…!

It’s time for Christmas Mini’s! Woot Woot! There are still a few spots left so please let me know if you’re interested. If you’re attending this weekend…here’s a few things to note. First, the sessions are back to back. That’s the crazy part about mini sessions. It’s available so everyone can get a fabulous deal and get your last minute holiday photos! So please try to be on time so the next person’s child doesn’t have to wait. Please and Thank You! 🙂 And yes, if your child becomes sick please reschedule with me. I will fit you back in asap. It’s better for everyone; especially if we want great images…we want them at their best. Second, there are two backdrops that will be used. One is designed for the Christmas PJ’s and can either be a Phone Call or Type A Letter to Santa OR cookies/milk for Santa. If you can let me know ahead of time which you prefer by sending me a facebook message or email, that would be great. And please send your cell number along with it if you know I do not have your number. Lastly, within a week you will have your edited photos on a CD for pick up. I will be sending out a message as they are complete so you don’t have to wonder. Previews will not be available on-line UNLESS you specifically say you’re interested in them. I don’t want to spoil your Christmas cards by showing the images prior to you mailing out your cards. So please let me know IF you do want a preview. A sample is shown here so you know what to expect. More props will be added depending on the age and style we’re shooting for. I’m super excited to work with you all. I’ll be seeing some new faces and some continued clients, and I’m so excited about both! Thank You All!

I have to say…as soon as Christmas Mini’s begin I feel like Fall is about to come to an abrupt stop! Haha. So I had to take my kiddos out for a last “Fall Photo” horah! They may be getting a little bored being my models, but I find ways to make them happy. Like, you know…set Drew on top of hay, or get them climbing in places that they probably shouldn’t. Keeps us all on our toes! So I had to post a few. I’ve seen this location for weeks and finally tried it out before they remove everything from the field…I know it’s coming soon! Yikes! So enjoy the last days of Fall! I am looking forward to the Holidays. We put our tree up the other day…Yes, yes we did. So I will be listening to my kids play our animated holiday decor…such as Frosty the Snowman (with loud music) over and over and over and over. For almost two months. Wish me luck! The Christmas gifts are wrapped. Yes, yes they are. I’m over-prepared for this time of year! And if you know me at all…Christmas day, my tree comes DOWN! Probably because I’ve had it up, like…since Halloween! LOL  I wanted to get everything ready so I can now slow down and try to enjoy the season more. It’s one of the busiest times of the year for photographers as you all probably know…so my goal is always to stay on top of everything, so I always meet my deadlines (another thing about me…I try to meet my deadlines 110% of the time)!

Enjoy your time with your family and I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season! I’ll try to not be such a stranger to my blog these days…. See you guys soon!