CDs and More!

Hey friends! I guess I took an unexpected hiatus from my blog! Yikes…sorry about that! I’ve been working on a dance studio project that I just completed last night (Viva Students Rock!). So yes, dancers, when summer classes start you can pick up your photos. A pick up time will be set – an email will be sent to you regarding pick up times. Thank You so much to everyone who allowed me to photograph their children in their awesome dance costumes! What a fun night!!

So, “life” also happened within the past week! My dad was in the ICU; he is home now and I can say, Dr. Bae at Monroe Ear Nose & Throat, you saved my dad’s life! an artery burst in his nose and it wasn’t pretty! LOL Thank you to all my friends who said prayers while he was in the hospital and throughout this process…you all made a difference, Thank You SOOOO much.

Now, some more fun things…  Go to the Gap Outlet, TODAY! They have an extra 40% off their clearance and I found tons of items for my kiddos and also myself. I was able to even buy Z some school clothes for next year! $1-3 shirts and pants, you name it, I got it! So, get there before it’s all sold out people! 🙂

CD SALE is going on NOW! Just through tomorrow though! If you’ve already placed your print order or plan to place it with your CD order tomorrow, do it and get HALF OFF your CD! The only thing excluded is the Baby First Year package because you already get over half off your CD. I only do these sales 1-2 times a year so take advantage of it while it’s going on! You must pay Friday when you pick up your CD.

MINI SESSION ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m doing a LEMONADE STAND MINI this summer and I’m SUPER excited about it! The cost is $100 and you get a CD with 30 images, 15 color and 15 black/white. You will love these! If you are interested send me an email and I’ll give you additional details. Bright clothing will work best for this…stripes, polka dots, hand made outfits are always awesome as well as Boutique clothing. But you can also mix and match what you have in your closet and make it super fun and sassy! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, it will be a fun mini session!

Okay, I need your feedback! Please leave a message under this post or send me one via facebook! I’d like to do a give-a-way really soon but need your help! Are you guys most interested in handmade items, a gift card to shop for your kiddos, yourself? Or a free session or prints? Please let me know because I’d like to plan a give-a-way that you’re actually interested in! All I’d ask for in return is for you to share my facebook page with your friends, so what would be worth it for you? I know it takes time out of your day so I want to make it worth while…so help! 🙂

And just to see who’s reading…and see if you made it to the end….if you send me a couple sentences about your experiences working with me I will give you a free 5×7 image from our most recent session! I’m updating the website and would love your help on this. Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Sorry for the long post, it’s been a while! Haha  Enjoy the image below, adorable sisters!