Deal for Mommy Monday!

It’s Mommy Monday again…I know it’s back to school for most of your kiddos and back to the regular routines. It’s rough, I know! So here’s a deal for everyone that has an order hanging out there. If you place your order by 9pm tomorrow (orders must be pre-paid) you’ll get 20% off your print purchases! This is good on all regular prints up to a 16×20 but cannot be used on specialty products such as albums. It’s for all your regular prints. So if you need to re-order or just need to place your order that you’ve been putting off, now’s the time to do it!  Let me know if you have any questions and send me an email or a facebook message to place your order! Thanks everyone!

Clothes, Clothes and more Clothes!

One of the main questions I get is regarding clothing choices for the kids. What should they wear for their photos? And yes, I do think clothing choices make a big difference. It can bring vibrance and kids feel special when they have something they think is “cool” to wear! I put together a sample of some of my favorites! I have to tell you though, I also LOVE Gap Kids. They have both a very traditional selection as well as very modern…and I love that about them! You can get some great deals at the Gap Outlet (and I love deals, too)! Check out the photos I’ve put together because you will also love these One Of A Kind creations that Dressme and Beetle Britches make as well as shopping at local boutiques like Sofi Stella.  All the vendors have a facebook page that I encourage you to check out. I recently found Dressme and I am in love with her shirts for my boys! When we talk about your upcoming sessions and get an idea for the theme we want to do, share that information when you discuss your clothing with Dressme, Beetle Britches or the local boutiques you shop at. They will certainly help you out! Together we will get the “look” you want. It’s important to plan (I’m a planner) because if you know what you’re looking for with the photos it’ll be easier to decide on clothing. I decide what I’m doing with the photos first…putting them in my living room, kids rooms, use as gifts, birthday photos? And it all comes together! I’m happy to help you through this process; it’s fun for me to help you plan it out! It’s SO worth the investment of a few extra dollars in clothing to get the look you want!