Mommy Monday

It’s Mommy Monday here on my new blog! So, this is a test…don’t judge it’s my first time! My goal is to offer Moms fun tips and tricks on taking photos of their kiddos, or offers and events in the area as well as share fun photos! This image was taken a year ago and it’s my favorite of my kiddos so far. My photos are edited last (you should appreciate that since I do your photos first) so I just found this image on my computer last month. I had never seen it, never edited it. I was thrilled to find it; it was like Christmas! Immediately, I ordered a 16×20 print and got it framed. How do you get an image with both kids looking? Whew, it can be hard…I think we all know that. In this one I asked “Z” to be ready and asked my lil’ guy to climb on Z’s lap…then I had to be ready. As he leaned over to climb, I got it! I knew I didn’t want the end image of him to be sitting on his lap, but I knew it would get him close to his big brother where I could capture the moment! YAY! It’s so tough to capture images of my own kids at times, because I’m Mom to them, they don’t really want me taking their photos. I’m sure you’ve experienced this! So I find ways to make it happen…yes…sometimes it takes a while and other times, I get it quickly like this one! Even though I didn’t see it for a year! LOL